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Product Authentication: Solution for Brand Protection

Product authentication solutions help users to verify whether a product is genuine or a fraudulent copy. Packtica offers advanced product authentication solutions designed to guarantee the genuineness of your products.

Our forte lies in providing brand protection solutions through our comprehensive suite of features to effectively combat fraudulent activities that often occur in the market. Partnering with us assures you that your customers receive original products with the genuine quality they expect and can verify their purchases on the fly.


Data Capture

We work with you to get inside your customer’s mind with precision data capture. We effortlessly collect and analyse your customer data with our advanced software “Consumer Insights Cloud” to gain valuable insights, simply to help you tailor your marketing campaigns according to your customer’s needs and preferences, thus, paving the way for you to be at the forefront of the business industry.

Brand Protection

Our comprehensive brand protection solutions such as hologram stickers and tamper-evident stickers are integrated with Smart QR codes that enable product authentication through its monitoring system. This feature shields your brand from any counterfeit products and guarantees your brand’s authenticity and credibility, preserving the essence and trust of your brand in the eyes of your targeted customers.


Big Data Consultancy

The product authentication feature allows you to tap into a vast amount of data, where we have both the right expertise and experience in data analysis needed to empower your brand in strategic decision-making. Our specialty in data analytics helps you analyze valuable insights about customer behaviour, market, and product performance. Enabling you to tailor your marketing strategies to further enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Distribution Track & Trace

With Smart QR code integration in our products, we empower efficient deliveries with real-time visibility and transparency across your supply chain. This additional feature of our brand protection solution provides your customers with accurate information including the status and locations of their orders, giving them peace of mind. Thus, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty and strengthening brand integrity.


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