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Data Driven Brand Protection


Start Track From Factory > Distribution > Consumer

Distribution chains need a level of real time visibility, Customer Insights Cloud give an Unique QR Code identity to everything you produce and leverage our real time intelligence, and analytics to give end to end item level visibility from Factory-Distribution-Consumer.

How It Works

Protect Your Brand Anywhere You Like
Generate unique identity QR Code through out our system, giving an unique tracking experience. Generate Every item has a unique digital identity, embedded in QR Code on our smart packaging or label and activation during production through factory ERP and assigning them digital profiles. Activation CheckNow captures data during the production and distribution value chain, Data gathered into one actionable place for real time distribution nodes and how long the distribution process, and inventory balance stocks. Track Scan the QR code and CheckNow™ will display the distribution path and turn around time on every node, that to decide which distribution channel should focus. Monitor

Prove Transparency

With a QR Code scanning activities, CheckNow ™ will show full tracking path inclusive, name, date time and location of scanning activities.

Monitor Real time inventory

Gain full visibility on stock level and have full information about production, distribution and real time shipment.

Improve Distributor Quality

Visible to your distributor activities, where there is an issue can able to trace the issue back to source, more transparency and remove the unnecessary dispute.

Why Packtica?

Inhouse Developer Team
Having experience since 2009, we have tracked more than thousands of products.
Android and IOS Friendly
Easy to implement, digitise your product traceability data by using mobile phone scan.
Multiple layered of Access Level
Provide hassle free protection by using multiple level access right control. Keep distributor data private.
Affordable Solutions
Our Customer Insight Cloud ™ has already included these functions, one system fits all.
S.E.A Support
Having branches in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam if you have localise requirements we can get our local team to support.