Founder’s message

I always remind my employees on
Packtica’s 4 pillars


1st Pillar

To preserve consumer’s safety through our security featured solutions

2nd Pillar

To establish fair trading amongst distributors by curbing price dumping issues

3rd Pillar

To deliver accurate traceability in helping businesses uncover new trends and grow

4th Pillar

To accumulate valid data for business expansion through the usage of QR codes

We always move forward by being a trustworthy organisation as our business involves plenty of private & confidential information and data.

We also feed on creative ideas and solutions to enhance our solutions to assist clients in connecting them to their supply chain, manufacturer and end users through innovative use of data. With that said, we are accountable to ensure the quality and practicality of our solutions provided.

At Packtica, we uphold 4 of our core values which are Trust, Innovative, Connect and Accountability to guide us in serving our clients better.

We choose to transform and enhance our products and services because we play an important part in assisting our clients to strengthen their businesses through digitalisation. And with digitalisation, their business life cycles can be improved and prolonged.