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01 June 2023


From the restaurant’s menu card, and product packaging, to payment options, you will find QR codes everywhere across various industries.

QR code is like a barcode but instead of it has an array of black and white squares that are used to store the URL of the information you want to share with customers. Unlike barcodes, QR codes can be easily read by s smartphone camera and are used for a range of different purposes across different industries.

So, if you are wondering what’s so special about QR code packaging and why is it widely used across the world, here are some reasons why QR codes are so popular and why you should also opt for it.

Quick Launch

Whether you are selling consumer products or furniture items, your buyers do not want to wait for a customer representative to answer their queries. A QR code will help you connect with your customers ASAP. With a smartphone, buyers can get to whatever information they want to share with them with just a few clicks.

Whether it is the nutritional value of your products, or how to use your products, QR code packaging is a great way to share information in a second without having to wait for a customer representative to answer queries.

A Source for Better Data Analytics

Data analytics has taken over the world by storm and businesses are using it to increase their sales, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and whatnot. QR code packaging is a great source to gather accurate data for efficient data analytics.

With a QR code scan, data is automatically transferred to your database, you will know when and where your product is bought and what customers are looking for. This will help you know which products are most in demand, which cities or areas, these products are mostly sold in, and where people are not buying them.

Hence, QR code packing is not only a source of quick connection, but it is also a valuable source to gather relevant and accurate data for data analytics.

Real-Time Information Update

Do your business information change frequently?

Or does the information you are sharing with your clients changes over time?

And you are fed up with constantly changing your packaging because of these changes?

Dynamic QR code packing will solve all your problems. Dynamic QR codes give you the liberty to change the information you are sharing with your customers at any time without having to worry about the printed QR codes. All you need to do is change the URL of the information you are sharing, and all your QR codes will direct you to the new information. Isn’t it time and effort-saving?

Gateway For Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when print media was the source of marketing your product or services. Nowadays, digital marketing is the most popular and effective source of marketing products and services. Digital marketers use QR codes to lure buyers to information they would like them to see. It can be a link to your product advertisement or you can also direct them to your website through QR codes.

Smart Packaging

Whether it’s home renovation or buying products, the world is moving towards smart options. You can increase your sales and attract customers through smart packaging. QR codes are a step towards smart packaging. You can use these codes to educate and inform your customers about your product. Moreover, QR code packaging is also a smart solution for warehouse inventory management. With QR codes you can have access to real-time information on product production status, and your can easily share this information with your clients.

No Compromise on Aesthetics

Well, no one wants to damage the aesthetically designed product packaging, and so do you. The good news is QR codes will not damage your sleekly designed packaging.

QR codes are customizable, and you can get a QR code that matches your product packaging. No worries at all!!

Hope, we have cleared your doubts about QR packaging, and now you are looking for a trusted QR packaging services provider in Malaysia. Look no further! PACKTICA SDN BHD is here to help you with it. Whether you need Smart packaging services, void sticker, holograms, or brand protection, PACKTICA is your one-stop solution.

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