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Malaysia’s Leading Smart QR Code Label Printing Supplier

Packtica is a leading pioneer in the QR code label printing industry. We are one of the first few QR code suppliers in Malaysia that implement Smart QR codes in product labels.

QR code labels are special codes attached to your product that customers can scan to see more information including where it is from, discounts & promotions, or even re-ordering it. With QR code labels, you also get transparent and traceable results to improve your products and services further.

We help you harness the power of intelligent Smart QR codes with our label printing solutions, providing dynamic content updates and real-time engagement tracking, offering you flexibility and enhanced user experiences of your products.

Trust in Packtica and our decade-old experience as a professional QR code supplier in Malaysia, to bring you well-designed QR code labels for your products.

What is



Smart QR technology is a cutting-edge solution powered by KOOD.ASIA that empowers brand to boost sales, reduce business risk, and enhance customer engagement through interactive experiences. With Smart QR codes, it also provides a brand with powerful tools to establish stronger brand-customer relationships.

Revolution of QR code functionality


How Smart QR works

Our cutting edge Smart QR are integrated into our products such as Secure Label & Smart Pack, linked to “Consumer Insight Cloud” that can securely store and access your valuable customer data to gain valuable insights

Benefits of Smart QR

consumer engagement - Packtica - Printing
Consumer Engagement
valuable insights - Packtica - Printing
Valuable Insights
Traceability - Packtica - Printing
Advanced Security
 - Packtica - Printing
Advanced Security


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