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How To Secure Your Brand With Packaging?

Selling identically packed products or using your packaging to sell another product is common and is one that many good brands are permanently closed. Product counterfeiting and tampering are real and can severely damage your brand identity.

You must be wondering how you should protect your products from such attacks.

Secure packaging is one way to protect your brand identity and is successfully used across the world. Here are some popular and successful secure packaging methods that are used across the world for product security. Let’s have a look!!

Shrink Bands

Shrink bands are commonly used for packing bottles and small containers used for condiments and other edible items. It is usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (LDPE) and comes in bundle form. These films are first wrapped around the product and then heat is applied which makes the film shrink and seal the opening of your product. Once opened, these wraps cannot be put back. Moreover, you can print these wraps with your logo or branding on them which will further improve the security of your product packaging.

Tamper Evident Tape

When you use cartons to pack and transport your products, there is no other way to pack them than to use tape. However, you have the option of using tamper-evident tape to curb the chances of tampering and counterfeiting your products.

Tamper-evident tapes are similar to normal tapes but if these tapes are removed, they leave a trace for you to identify that your carton has been opened. There are three types of tamper-evident tapes. first, use a strong glue that doesn’t come off without damaging the carton hence you will know when the carton has been tampered with.

Your second option is the void tape. It is similar to regular tape but it has the word ‘void’ written all over it and when the tape comes off, the word void is printed all over the carton.

The third option is colour changing tapes. These tapes are temperature sensitive. SO, when someone tries to take them off, the temperature is changed which makes them change the colour, and you can identify the theft.

Tamper Evident Cartons

Another option for protecting your products from tampering and counterfeiting is using tamper-evident cartons for packaging your products. These cartons are specially designed according to the shape of your products and they cannot be opened without damaging the carton. So, if someone tries to open these cartons, they will not be able to assemble them back in the same form. Hence, leaving a trace of theft and tampering with your products.

Use Inside Of Carton For Branding

If you are afraid that your cartons can be stolen or tampered with while transporting them, a good way of protecting them is using plain cartons which has branding inside of them. This will make them difficult to be identified and you can also couple it with other security packaging methods to further increase the security. We would recommend you use a hologram sticker or void sticker along with these cartons.

Pull Tight Tags

If you are using big containers or wooden containers to pack and deliver products, pull-tight tags are a great option for you. They don’t come off unless you cut them open which makes them permanently damaged. Classic plastic pull-tight tags are suitable for small containers. For heavier and sturdier containers, you can go for metal swing tags which are sealed with copper or lead.

Hologram Sticker

Hologram sticker are specially designed vinyl stickers that have a rainbow-like feeling. Usually, 3 or 4 images are printed on these stickers and when you tilt it you see different images of colour. Some hologram stickers are pressure sensitive. If you remove them, they are damaged and cannot be put back. Others are designed to leave a specific keyword or pattern when they are removed alerting that the package has been tampered with.

We hope now you know much about security packaging methods and that you are looking forward to using these methods for your products. So, whether you like the hologram sticker method, void sticker, or shrink bands, PACKTICA SDN BHD is here to help you. We deal in a vast variety of security packaging materials and methods. Feel free to contact us to secure your products.

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How To Secure Your Brand With Packaging?

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