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Benefits of Product QR Codes on Packaging

If you’re not familiar with them, a QR code system is a two-dimensional barcode system that can be scanned by a Smartphone’s camera with special software.

By just scanning a QR code, an end user may instantly obtain more information about a service, a product, or an initiative. Most product QR code systems will offer a shortcut to real-time updated internet material, eliminating the need to memorize lengthy addresses. Also, you get to save a copy of this data in a digital archive that you may access whenever you need it.

By utilizing our distinctive QR codes and active serial numbers, Packtica can assist your goods in becoming distinctive and standing out from the competition.

CheckNow TM will provide a complete tracking route for QR Code scanning activities, including the name, date, and location of the scanning activities.

We assist you in digitizing your goods and bringing them to life online by providing a special QR Code in the Consumer Intelligence CloudTM.

Benefits of QR codes for product packaging:

Product information:

If you’re in business, you understand how crucial it is to tell your clients about your products. The only approach to assure product transparency and win their trust, after all, is to do that.

However, one drawback of conventional product packaging is the little amount of printing area.

You are unable to provide accurate information because of it. Yet you’re covered by QR Codes. Without worrying about the limited package area, they may assist you in providing as much information as you like.

You only need to generate a Product QR Code and add the necessary information to it to do this. Any type of content, including pictures, text, website links, and even social network sharing buttons, might be used.

Provide discounts and coupons:

You are surely aware of the value of discounts and coupons. They are employed to draw in new clients while retaining current ones.

And a QR code for a coupon might make the procedure simpler for you. It offers two advantages:

  • The whole coupon redemption procedure is now contactless thanks to QR Codes, first. It implies that you only need to include them on the product package, after which buyers may scan them to redeem them.
  • Also, users don’t need to manually write the code or memorize it while using a coupon QR code. To use it, users only need to scan the QR Code and click the Redeem button.

Everything beneath your house is trackable, recognizable, and engaging thanks to our exclusive QR Code.

It may be used in RFID tags, security labels, tamper-evident labels, and smart packaging.

Getting feedback:

Regular consumer feedback is crucial for a business and is extremely prevalent. Those comments provide insightful information. They aid in determining whether or not your clients are satisfied with your offerings.

You can pinpoint your areas for improvement using this data.

Yet, getting client feedback is not simple. This is because users must first laboriously input the feedback form’s URL into the browser to access it. They won’t be able to access the form till after that.

QR Code system, however, can simplify the entire procedure. Just design a feedback QR Code and place it on the box of your goods.

Increase social media or website traffic:

Currently, practically all companies have websites. Also, you would want people to go to it if you have one for your firm.

And a QR code for a website’s URL can assist you in doing that. Just make one and affix it to the product packing. It will quickly direct readers to your website after being scanned.

A social media QR code works similarly to grow your following on social media. Users who scan this QR Code are taken to a web page with buttons that link to all of their social media profiles.

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Benefits of Product QR Codes on Packaging

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