Supply Chain Traceability


Supply chain traceability enables you to track products from its source to consumers. It connects all the points & dealers in your chain, keeping you in control of your brand and products. Get to know which company, dealer, products and processes your whole supply chain comprises, how they relate to each other and how they perform.

Track & trace

Our in-house developed CheckNow system keeps brand owners and retailers updated of their product’s whereabouts anytime, anywhere around the globe. This also allows products to be traced back to the source, or all the points it have been through to detect any fraudulent activities. Exact locations will be captured and recorded during a scan and the records are accessible to CheckNow subscribers to use it for monitoring and business expansion leads.

Benefits of supply chain traceability

Detect fraudulent activities such as parallel imports

Control price dumping activities

Location tracking

Track products movement from source to dealers and to consumers

Improve the integrity of supply chain

Stock flow management – prevents product under or oversupply