Imitation issue could be found in every industry whether on a product, packaging or both. While good packaging may be deemed as an additional cost for most businesses, products wrapped in cheap packaging did not seem to sell like hotcakes. Cheap packaging may even damage the brand’s reliability and trustworthiness as it has a high risk of imitation because low cost packaging are usually simple and does not have any security features.

At Packtica, we provide a huge variety of security printing solutions such as hologram foil with hot stamping, transparent hologram lamination, variable data labels and more to identify the genuinity and to ensure difficulties in imitating. In year 2017, Packtica offered a new security packaging solutions – SecurePack with variable data printed on the packaging itself. This highly customisable SecurePack is no old, boring, ordinary packaging but it provides confidence & assurance and enhance the purchase experience of your customers in choosing your product protected by our SecurePack.


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Learn more about security printing solutions in this video.

How does it work?

Customisable box packaging printed with artistic & security features in multiple sizes to provide optimum product protection while outshining other ordinary packagings. 

Printings are also available for softpack, soft tube and sachets.

Additional features:

  • Holographic hot stamps
  • Mosaic design
  • Micro text
  • Spot UV
  • Emboss & deboss
  • QR codes with / without scratch foil (printed)
  • QDots