What is the order procedure if I wanted to place an order with Packtica?

We are making a complete attempt to answer the most frequently asked question about hologram and tamper evident label. Please do not hesitate to write us an email if you have any questions or queries at: sales@packtica.com We will try to answer your question within the business day and may also include your query be part of the FAQ.

  1. You need to send us your finalized artwork with full details (Special Remark/Colour Code)
  2. We will send you a quotation based on the item.
  3. Confirmation on quotation.
  4. Packtica issues an Invoice.
  5. We will modify and send back the artwork to you for confirmation.
  6. Client confirms on artwork and provides acknowledgement to proceed.
  7. Payment on ordered item.
  8.  Actual item sample confirmation. (Bulk order/ Complex Anti Counterfeit Label case)
  9. Quality Control process by Packtica.
  10. Deliver finished goods to client.
How do I place an order with Packtica?

To place an order, you need to send us your finalized artwork, remark and information (colour code/ material code). We will modified and advise on the artwork if anything needed to be changed. We will send back the finalized artwork for your confirmation.

How long does it take to complete a process?

For Hologram or Labels 18-30 Days to reach Your Door Steps upon confirmation on artwork.

How do I pay for the confirmed order?

When you confirm on an order, you need to bank in your amount to Packtica account. After transaction, we will precede your order.

What if I want to change after submitting my artwork?

We only allow changes for unconfirmed orders. Kindly notify our staff regarding the file/job you wish to change, and submit the new/amended files to us.

How do I get refund on my erroneous printing?

You can get a reprint for errors on printing side. However you will not get a reprint for your own errors (e.g. spelling mistakes, wrong design submitted, and changes of logo). For printing color there is a 10% allowance on colour variation, as well as 3% allowance on quantities due to errors in any production process. This will not deem as grounds for requesting for a reprint. Reprints will be granted if the variable exceeds these allowances. Note for reprints, no changes on reprint item, Packtica will bear all the costs.

What kind of payment method accepted by Packtica?
  1. T/T
  2. Direct/ Online Bank In
  3. Cheque
  4. Cash
What is a Hologram?

Hologram is an image registered with use of coherent laser light. The colors of the holograms are changed when viewed from different angles giving a dazzling and a spectacular visual effect.

What is a Tamper Evident Label ?

Tampering involves the deliberate altering or adulteration of information, a product, a package, or system. Solutions may involve all phases of product production, distribution, logistics, sale, and use. No single solution can be considered as “tamper proof”. Often multiple levels of security need to be addressed to reduce the risk of tampering. Some considerations might include:

  1. Identify who a potential tamperer might be and what level of knowledge, materials, tools, etc. they might have.
  2. Identify all feasible methods of unauthorized access into a product, package, or system. In addition to the primary means of entry, also consider secondary or “back door” methods.
  3. Control or limit access to products or systems of interest.
  4. Improve the tamper resistance by making tampering more difficult, time-consuming, etc.
  5. Add tamper-evident features to help indicate the existence of tampering.
    Educate people to watch for evidence of tampering.
  6. Educate people to watch for evidence of tampering.
Are there any low-cost alternatives to custom security hologram labels?

If your project or product requires a hologram label, but you find the cost prohibitive, you may be interested in using one of our stock holographic images. Packtica stock holograms are our existing designs hologram foil. The hologram security labels can be used as they are. However, because they are available to anyone who wants to purchase them, stock holograms do not offer the same level of security as custom images.

What kind of artwork do you need to create a hologram? How do I submit it?

If you are interested to make a hologram for your brand or company just send us your logo, company name, website, picture or any such matter which you want us to incorporate in the hologram. Preferably in PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, PDF, PNG format with minimum 300DPI by E-Mail. We will customize your hologram design and send you the same for approval.

How will I be able to tell if my hologram security label has been tampered with?

We offer a variety of materials that your labels can be produced on. Tamper-evident material will destruct when removed. The top layer will separate from the metallic underside. The holographic image will be left behind on the product, and the label will be destroyed. We also offer selective release material. When someone attempts to remove the holographic label, a “VOID”/ “OPENED”, Honey Comb, one time destructive pattern will be left behind to signify tampering. We can customize the tamper evident wording or shape to suit your requirement

What advantages do I have in doing business with Packtica, rather than some of the other hologram companies?

The answer is simple; Packtica Partner serves world high end product such as Nokia, YORK, LG, Samsung who are fully integrated professionally managed custom hologram label manufacturers. We are equipped to handle your security hologram label job from concept to finished product. All processes are fully controlled and monitored by Packtica, we control security, quality, and cost. We provide the best technology, security, quality and pricing for our valued customers.

Why Hologram is unique?

There are 5 Major reasons why Holograms cannot be duplicated are:

  1. The cost involved in trying to copy a Hologram is huge.
  2. We have more than 20 types of anti-counterfeit for your selection to incorporate into your holography label.
  3. Packtica keeps the holography master as private and confidential asset of your client, it subject to the complexity of the holographic label, the more anti-counterfeit you apply the harder imitator can copy.
  4. There is always an Upgrade of New Technologies and Applications in Holography.
  5. Holograms cannot be copied as it is because of the very nature of Holographic Technology. It is just like if the same holographic wants to reproduce, it would end up with two different holograms.
  6. Holograms are very secure. In fact they are trusted worldwide by leading corporate and government organizations. Holograms are also used worldwide in over forty currencies.
Can you make special shapes?

Yes, we can make special shapes as per your logo and design.

How Packtica can assure us the Security of our Holograms?

We pledge and assure you of 100% Secrecy and Security of your Holograms manufactured by us and take 100% Precautionary measure at all levels of our Business cycle.